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A Manual on How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay Introduction

When writing a compare and contrast essay, it is always important to make a good introduction in order to grasp the reader’s attention from the go, and let them know where you are headed with this text, or what to expect from it.

Here is a brief manual on how to write an effective compare and contrast essay introduction that will do its job properly in every way.

The easiest way to compose your introduction is to picture it as a sequence of functional sections, remembering to keep them short and to the point:

  • Make a general assertion on the matter discussed.

    Begin with making a relevant truthful statement that will define the general direction of the discussion about to take place. For example, if the choice is between two brands of mobile phones, start with something like this: “In today’s dashingly developing world, nearly everyone is using some kind of a mobile electronic device every day.” It could be anything like a brief sketch of a big picture around the matter at hand, a common pattern, relevant to the case, or an observation, which will also explain your intentions concerning the essay. Remember to keep it within short limits.

  • State a problem (separately, if needed).

    If the first section does not contain the problem, or is not self-explanatory enough, or if making the choice is the main problem, you could pose that question, or problem in the next sentence. For example: “The two most trending brands of the year are A and B, but it’s exceedingly unclear - which one to choose, for they are both so good in so many ways”

  • Describe the first option.

    Briefly introduce the first of the two choices, only mentioning its most notable and relevant traits, which will be your essay’s key arguments about it. Remember to transition logically and smoothly between sections.

  • Describe the second option.

    Find something unique about both options and talk about special characteristics of the second one in this section, possibly contradicting it with the first one in some way.

  • Mention key similarities and differences.

    Reveal some of the central things that your choices have in common and things that are different. Keep it very short and eloquent. This section can help underline the importance of the topic, or emphasize the problem of choice, so use it to conclude your introduction and make a smooth transition to the main part of your essay.

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