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10 Tips To Help You Compose A Research Paper About Education In The Philippines

Philippines got its independence from the colonial powers in the year 1946 and till then its education system was dependent on the education patterns followed by the colonial powers that dominated it form time to time. It is now controlled by the country’s Department Of Education.

The 1987 Constitution made elementary education compulsory but its enforcement was never 100%. In 2011 Philippines shifted from its old 10 year education pattern to the new 12 year system which has been made compulsory. Before Philippines was colonized students received vocational education but there was no method of formal schooling. After Spanish colonization, formal education was introduced formally in Philippines.

Research paper about education in Philippines

Writing a research paper about education in the Philippines would require you gather an in depth and detailed knowledge and understanding of the education system in the Philippines since the pre colonial era to the present day K-12 educational system.

From what has been learnt from the historical accounts, it is clear that the education system in Philippines even during the pre colonial era has been quite developed, so much that it has even surprised the Spanish people. Philippines is a developing nation and the educational system has been recently developed to check the frequent drop out rates.

10 tips for composing a research paper about education in Philippines

You can consider the following tips for composing a research paper about education in Philippines:

  1. While composing the research paper you must keep in mind that Philippines is a developing nation and it is also comparatively a newer state that received independence in the year 1946.
  2. The economic strength and weaknesses of the country should also be taken into account.
  3. The pattern in which the education system in Philippines has developed from the pre colonial era to the post colonial era should also be considered.
  4. An insight on the curriculum development process is needed.
  5. Focus on the different stages of education, from elementary education to secondary and tertiary education.
  6. Focus can be laid on the literacy rate in the country.
  7. Rate of literacy amongst the women is also a crucial point.
  8. An understanding of the role of government in the implementation of the educational programs is important.
  9. It is important to understand the lifestyle and the behaviors of the Filipino people, before analyzing the educational system in the country.
  10. A concrete planning should be done before starting off with the research paper.

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