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How to write an outline for a research paper MLA: becoming a professional

MLA format requires to draw an outline before starting the paper. It helps you to work in a more organized manner, this layout will help you in organizing your headings properly. And you can set your table of contents before going in detail. If you are attempting a long paper and you share your outline with your examiner or supervisor, then it is not a big deal it would help you in maintaining your outline and would help you going in right direction.

How to write an outline for MLA format

MLA format is the most easiest, proper and suitable way of developing a good layout. Roman numerals areused for giving the headings and titles like intrroduction, methodology and proedures, roman numerals are I, II, III….and so on.

The second level for their division is A,B,C.. and further it can be divided as 1,2,3 … or a,b,c and I, ii, iii…. etc. These divisions are used for subdivisions. You can use the sub headings, if needed.

The proper method is mentioned above. It It is Okay if you don’t go for all details, categorizing into sub headings. Your outline is according to your work structure. If your work structure needs headings and sub-headings, then it’s good to mention in the outline, if not, then there is no need of going into complexities.

The outline helps you in evaluating your ideas, this way it would get easier to establish your lay out. For instance, you are doing a research on a literature work, this would help you in writing with a flow in the suitable manner. You can elaborate the points individually or you can go in a sequential order.

Your layout will help you in engaging the previous research and adding more knowledge and ideas to it.

Few tips for writing an outline for MLA research paper

  • While using word, be sure about using the headings of A, 1, a, i matching to the headings of word processing like Heading No 1, Heading No 2, Heading No 3… Later when you will be creating a table of contents, it would be trouble-free to make up a table of contents with the help of your outline.

  • There is always a back up, when you are working with an outline format, you can modify the outline as you sink with the flow, but it would be essential for you to keep copies of the previous layout, this will help you in resuming over your old data. Back up will always help you in retaining the data.

  • Always write in a supervision, it could be your instructor even. This would help you in balancing the outline as he would guide you with his own experienced method, and you will be having a smooth outline without any fear of being mistaken.

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