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Choosing Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics: a List of Ideas

Persuasive essays can be fun to read and write especially if you have a somewhat combative nature. This essay style allows you to use language to draw the reader into seeing things your way.

One of the most important aspects of writing a persuasive essay is topic selection. Some topics are significantly easier to write on than others. These may present very simple justifications for one or both sides of the argument. Others may be much less clear cut and require deep thought and research just to get started.

The following list contains some of the types of topics you can safely consider writing:

  • Could global warming have positive implications?
  • Does it really matter what people where to work?
  • Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?
  • Should male heirs be given preference in monarchies?
  • Do children benefit from being forced to handle bullying without adult intervention?
  • Should more colleges be single sex?
  • Is the censorship of music an infringement on artistic creativity?
  • Can positive thinking reverse eating disorders?
  • Should more people be encouraged to volunteer never to reproduce?
  • Is war ever justified?
  • Are the elderly a burden to society?
  • Is it better to tell a nice lie or a difficult to bear truth
  • Should the standard workweek be either eliminated or reduced?
  • Are arranged marriages more likely to last than those chosen by the bride and groom?
  • Should more emphasis be placed on reviving the dying art of good penmanship?
  • Does the use of online dating services constitute the demise of romance?
  • Should the pursuit of artificial intelligence be prohibited by international law?
  • Has social media destroyed the concept of deep social interaction?
  • Can the aging population find ways to support itself without a population explosion?
  • Should reusable diapers and sanitary napkins be made mandatory?
  • Can the use of performance enhancing drugs ever be justified?
  • Does a single vote truly matter?
  • Does the death penalty provide an adequate deterrent to crime?
  • Should couples cohabitate before getting married legally?
  • Do IQ tests provide a fair assessment of intelligence?
  • Has the music industry been in a state of consistent decline since the mid to late 1990’s?

Consider your knowledge base and personality when deciding what to write. The perfect topic for one person may be terrible for another.

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