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Asking Your Professor for Help on Your Term Paper

Too many students don’t take the opportunity to ask their professors for help on any of a number of things including help with writing a term paper. Many believe it’s because professors won’t give them straight answers, and students convince themselves it will be complete waste of time.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s important to seek help throughout your time in college rather than let problems and difficulties in class fester and intensify beyond control. Asking your professor for help on your term paper is vital to your academic success.

  • Professors Can Help You Get Back on Track.
  • It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all of the reading and study that comes with taking a full course load in any one semester or term. Asking your professor for help can help get your term paper and other areas of your coursework back on track. Your professor will have an idea of how you are doing keeping up with the information and guide you through essential readings and the work you could do to most help you tackle your term paper.

  • Professors Can Let You Know What They’re Looking For.
  • Some term paper topics or essay prompts can be confusing. That’s why it’s always a good idea to ask your professor early on what it is they are looking for in providing these topics in the first place. Ask them several questions to get an idea of what information they find valuable. At this stage you might have some ideas or a rough outline you can bring to show your professor. They may look at your major points and suggest a different question or different angle of approach. Asking for your professor for help also goes a long way in showing that you are taking the coursework seriously.

  • Professors Can Review Your Work and Provide Feedback.
  • Many professors will review your drafts before you have to submit a final copy. You’ll get feedback and have the opportunity to make major revisions and corrections before submitting your work for a grade. The room for improvement is so great that this alone is well-worth asking your professor for help. If your professor isn’t available to review your draft don’t be discouraged. Most professors will point you to T.A.s or even present you with a former students work so that you can see the quality of work they anticipate from you.

You should take full advantage of your time in college by using every resource you have available. Seeking your professor for help in writing your term paper, of for any another reason related to your coursework, will ensure you benefit the most from your college education.

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