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A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses and Dissertations

When you start the research process for term papers, dissertations and theses, it is important that you are prepared. Preparation and organization can make sure your paper turns out perfectly in the end and that you have no difficulty in writing it.

When you have your topic in mind for term papers, dissertations and theses and are ready to head off and start your research, it is important that you bring along notebooks, paper, note cards, pens, etc… You want to be prepared for anything with your term papers, dissertations and theses.

  • Have at least two different colored note cards. You can use them to separate the main arguments or key ideas from the supporting evidence. You can then use these notecards to play around with the order of your arguments. When you find supporting evidence it is imperative that you write down the corresponding citation or bibliographic information. The last thing you want is to have a great quote or statistic, and no idea where, out of the fifteen sources you have, it came. By writing down the bibliographic and citation information on the actual card, you can prepare yourself for the writing of your paper and make the compilation of your bibliography a breeze. You can look over the evidence cards and see if there are equal numbers of cards behind each of your key ideas. You can also mix and match the cards easily to create the perfect outline.
  • Once you have the cards in the order that works best for you, it is time to write out your outline. The outline is where you draft bullet points and turns your note cards into a page length or so piece of paper which outlines what you will write and where each piece of evidence will be written. With a good outline, writing your first draft should be an incredibly fast and easy process/.
  • After you write the first draft for your term papers, dissertations and theses, using your outline as a guide, it is time to review the paper and search for any errors in transition, and paragraphs that lack a transition entirely, topic sentences, proper prose, redundancies, a thoroughly presented argument, etc… You want to review the paper not for simple spelling and grammar errors yet, but for flow and readability. Your first draft will never be perfect, and that is fine. What is most important is that you get a first draft written so that you have something to go off.

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