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How to write an analysis paper: the main key points

Analysis papers present opinions based on an issue or subject explored. This means when an idea, movie, or piece of writing is reviewed it is done from an analytical perspective. You will break down the subject matter into smaller parts and write about it; this is your writing prompt for the assignment. You will use material from what you are analyzing to help you draw a conclusion based on your main idea to support it. The following points will review essential areas of an analysis paper.

  • Make sure you understand the concept behind an analytical essay. The objective is to present what you have learned on something based on comprehensive study. In other words, you analyzed an issue at hand and what to present significant details based on the conclusion you have come to.

  • When you choose your subject matter you will focus on surrounding details that affect the outcome or people included. There are times you may develop your own topic and an event related to the subject matter is your prompt. For example, if your essay is based on a film, your argument may be focused on the characters and their actions or just one character and their significance to the storyline.

  • Your thesis statement will tell readers the purpose behind your essay. This is likely the conclusion you came up with when you analyzed the material, event, or content related to your assignment.

  • Supporting details for your essay will come directly from the event, film, or publication you analyzed. Paying close attention to these details will help you form a strong argument or provide necessary proof for your thesis.

  • An outline is a helpful writing tool for analysis papers. This will help you structure your paper so you can discuss talking points in an organized manner. Your paper will include an introduction, body paragraphs (3), and a conclusion.

  • The introduction will discuss the background details related to your topic. You will also state your thesis or main idea here. The body paragraphs will each follow the same structure including a topic sentence, analysis detail you took notes on, and evidence or supporting point.

  • When referring to content you analyzed remember to summarize and paraphrase content. You rewrite the content into your own words and keep quoting to a minimum. Follow formatting style guidelines accordingly.
  • Your conclusion should provide a connection to your main idea and what was presented in the text you analyzed.

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