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Basic Instructions On Creating A Cause And Effect Essay On Air Pollution

Actions lead to reactions. This system is visible in just about everything that can be observed on our planet and throughout the wider universe. When we address this through our essays it comes down to cause and effect. If you wish to write a paper of this nature regarding the contentious topic of air pollution you may encounter a few challenges along the way but these instruction should help immensely:

  • Read other cause and effect essays
  • The more similar your sample essay is to the one you intend to write the greater the benefits you will derive. A piece on the causes of general increases in environmental toxicity would give a great deal of help. Another piece on the link between hugging and smiling could be almost as helpful if it gives good evidence and is written well by a talented writer.

  • Learn about the different types of environmental degradation
  • To convincingly show that environmental degradation is caused by any one thing, you will need to find out as much about that single topic as possible. At the end of your research you should be certain about where the phenomena is more commonly found and where it is rare. If it has any peculiarities, you should know them too.

  • Compile reliable statistics
  • In this age of rampant access to information it can be easy to think that any stats that you find are worth your while. This is definitely not always the case. There are mean spirited people who take great pleasure in flooding the net with plausible but erroneous studies. Even established journals have fallen victim to this.

  • Look for problems in your general area
  • It can be a good idea to relate what you are studying to your general surroundings. Test your school or college’s air quality and see if it meets international standards. Whatever your tests results reveal, you can use the new knowledge to add some depth to the paper that other locals can relate to.

  • Consider the other possible reasons for any problems you mention
  • It would seem imbalanced for you to propose a single cause and chase it from the start of the paper to the end without considering any other reasons for air pollution. Treat the idea with respect and look for as many reasons as possible for it. Some will be almost as plausible as the one you selected.

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