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The extent to which Stalin Deserved the name ‘the red Tsar’ in his ruling the Soviet Union

Joseph Stalin had the position of the General Secretary of the Communist party. After the death of Lenin in 1924, Stalin took over as Soviet Union’s ruler until 1953 when he died. In his ruling of the Soviet Union between 1924 and 1939, Joseph Stalin instilled fear and propaganda on the people he ruled just like the Tsars. Stalin was, therefore, named ‘the red Tsar’ because he behaved like the Tsars. His name, ‘the red Tsar’, also came from his rule which was not questioned by anyone. Just like the Tsarist autocratic rule, Stalin was not committed to collectivism but preferred capitalism in his ruling of the Soviet Union. He ensured that all his opponents to power were destroyed and he was able to strengthen his authority in the Soviet Union. In 1928, he removed Lenin’s policy of economy and put in a new system of central planning which took the course of dictatorship. This kind of planning dictated everything in the government from where industrial units should be located, how they should be built, and how crops should be planted by farmers. Additionally, Stalin authorized the distribution of resources for the development of industries at the expense of foregoing the products of end users.

Stalin also introduced a collectivism policy which created the ownership of lands by the government. With the introduction of this policy, Stalin faced a lot of rebellion from the Kulaks who were against collectivism. However, Stalin was a dictator and he would not pay attention to his peoples’ complaints. This clearly shows that Stalin deserved to be called ‘the red Tsar’. Stalin’s form of ruling was similar to the ruling of the Tsars because he could not tolerate any form of criticism from anyone in his government. To support this statement, both leaders sacked ministers who criticized their authority and way of leading and preferred to make decisions based on their own individual approach. Stalin despised being advised against any decision he made as the leader of the people of Russia.

In the early stages of collectivism, the industrial production did not do well and Stalin blamed the failure to the rich peasants who strongly resisted collectivism. Due to this, Stalin ordered their persecution and execution in the year 1930. Similar to the Tsar kind of leadership, Stalin caused the death of many people in Russia. He violated the rights of human beings by launching a massive campaign on the deportation a number of ethnic groups which opposed his kind of leadership from the territory of Soviet. Because of the fear that he had instilled in people, Stalin had a great influence on the people he ruled and, with time became like a personality cult.

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