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A List Of Powerful Persuasive Essay Topics About Sports

When you are writing a persuasive essay, the focus is to persuade your audience to believe your topic. This paper will use your opinion on a topic that can be backed up with topics and statistics. There are many powerful topic that you can write about when it comes to sports. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • The best basketball team
  • The best football goalie
  • The most improved soccer player
  • The most effective team coach
  • The best defensive play
  • The most improved player
  • Is LeBron better than Jordan?
  • The worst player in professional football
  • The worst coach in history of baseball
  • The worst team player

These are a few topics that you can write the paper on. You will need to make a statement about a sports topic of your choice. It will be very important to make sure that you set up your paper the right way to ensure that you are writing an effective paper. Here is a guide to writing a good persuasive paper.

The main focus is to persuade your audience that Syracuse University is the best college basketball team in the league or that the Packers are the best football team of all time. You use the statements that you make all of the time and that you truly believe about your favorite sports team or player. You would then come up with at least three reasons why that statement is true.

The introduction will give background information on the team, player, or sport that you are discussing and end with your statement. The body paragraphs will talk about the reasons why you believe this statement. They should each have their own paragraph. You would end it with a conclusion.

Choose a topic that you are really interested in and one that you really believe. The stronger your conviction, the stronger the paper and the stronger your arguments will be. It is a good idea to write an outline to organize your ideas and to decide what reasons to present in which order. When you plan your paper out, you will be able to write a more effective paper.

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