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Finding Persuasive Topics for a Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is one of those essays that require a lot of reasoning and logical debate to make them persuasive enough for the reader. It is used to make the readers either adopt the same point of view as the reader or motivates them to take action against an issue.

It is important that you understand your topic first. You should have a strong connection with the issue or your topic. If you have your topic decided then it’s always best to make a list of the pros and cons of your topic. This will give you extra time to analyze and assess your topic and use these to make your essay more persuasive your essay has a standard format which includes the introduction, main body and the conclusion. This type of essay is the most powerful essays written .they have to be well researched and should have the element of making the reader actually think about the topic that you are discussing.

Here we will provide you with some topics for your essay

  • Kids have less homework?
  • Racial slurs should be illegal
  • Recycling
  • Should gun ownership should be strictly controlled
  • Children should be told to read more
  • Should uniforms be important?
  • There should be a health tax for smokers
  • Should Muslim students be allowed to pray in schools when they study abroad?
  • In a couple it should be mandatory that both of them work
  • Tests are not effective
  • Schools shouldn’t open at mornings
  • Transparency is more important than privacy
  • Violence is promoted through entertainment
  • There should be an age limit for kids to be on face book pages
  • Should food be provided to the poor or job opportunities
  • Limitation on freedom of religion
  • Should abortions be prohibited by the law?
  • Do beauty pageants exploit women?
  • What are the effects of divorce on kids?
  • Domestic violence and importance of women empowerment
  • Should fashion be more important than a person’s comfort?
  • Should human cloning be supportive?
  • Should older people not be allowed to drive?
  • Is religion the cause of war today?
  • Should people believe in reincarnation?
  • Should there be more private funding for the public education?
  • Are women fighting for their rights?
  • Should everyone get access to wifi?

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