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Scholarship Essay – most Popular Questions

Scholarships come in all forms and sizes. There is a scholarship for almost anything – and with that thousands that any one student could be applying for throughout the year. While you obviously can’t apply to them all, you should be applying to as many as you possibly can. Scholarships take the pressure off of your pocketbook and make a great addition to your resume.

Scholarship essays also vary widely. From unique to mundane, essay topics and instructions are all over the place. Still, there are some specific topics that tend to be present in most scholarship essay questions – so as to provide review boards and granting officials with background on each student as they try to narrow down the winners.

Some Popular Questions

While some will be completely different, there are some popular question options that you can prepare yourself for as you request scholarship packets and look into applying for financial help with school:

  • Who You Are: Many scholarship questions concern your life history and what makes you unique. Most often, students tackle these questions with information about family history, personal history, or candid background information including struggles they have overcome.
  • What Kind of Student You Are: These questions usually ask about where you excel and also where you may need more work in your educational background. Many students will provide feedback about holes in their transcripts or tests – places that they know review boards will want an explanation for.
  • If You Volunteer: Most scholarship groups want to know if and when you have volunteered. Most students provide a background that includes all of their volunteering experience rather than focusing on just one experience.
  • If You Do Extracurricular Activities: Some scholarship boards want to know if you took part in extracurricular club, sports and study opportunities. Some students list their involvement and some focus more on one specific area they are most passionate about.
  • Your Long Term Plans: These questions are usually to find out your long term educational goals – and get some reasoning why you have chosen that path. Some students, to show flexibility, will include a couple of options that they are pursuing in their academic career.

Regardless of the question being asked, the most important factor is how you present yourself. Make sure that you highlight all that you have to offer the school – and that you provide an accurate picture of who you are as a student. The more thought you put into the essay, the more appealing it will come across.

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