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Enslaved Africans of Early Colonies

Slavery in a condition where persons have no freedom, masters own them and control them in aspects of their including how they live, what they eat, and work. Slavery before, during after 19th century was practiced differentlyin various parts of the world. Before the scramble and partition of the African continent, slavery was a common practice where kings from various kingdoms took captives of war and enslaved them. In some cases strong kingdoms took young men from other kingdoms that were weak and used them as servants. These kings sold off these slaves to Arabs and Europeans in exchange for commodities like jewelry, guns and other precious commodities. Black Africans were real in need of guns and weapons to protect their territories and the only way to get them from Arabs and Europeans was exchanging war captives to guns. When Europeans came to Africaportioned it into various colonial powers, they took control of the slavery business in their own territories. African colonial masters in used African kings and conduct the slavery business in various colonial in Africa.

According to Michelleslave trade took varies diagonal routes. One started in Europe and connected to West coast Africa. It carries manufactured goods to the west coast of Africa. At this point kings and chiefs bartered merchandise for slaves. They were carried across AtlanticOcean to the new worldespecially in the new world to work in the farms. On the front Europeans from New England colonies carried goods to African territories and exchanged for slaves. They took these slaves to West Indies and sold them for a profit. They use this money to buy sugar and molasses which they sold to rum business people.

Starting 1500 to late 18th century most millions and millions of Africans were captured and taken to various parts of the world where Europeans had established colonies to be used as laborers. On their way to their destination many Africans slaves died due to hunger, thirsty and heat. Some of these captives were taken to British, Portuguese and Spain colonies in Africa and other parts of the world especially in the new world. After capturing them, they went to work in sugar, tobacco, coffee farms in the new world.

In conclusion kings in African decide to sell their fellow Africans to Arabs and Europeans for selfish interests. They captured innocent villagers bartered them for guns, jewelry, gold and other commodities at the expense of the communities. Arabs and Europeans took advantage and bought as many slaves as possible and huge profits in the new world where they were converted into cheap labor.

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