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Nursing Essays: Never Use These Topics

In the course of your nursing education, you’ll have the opportunity to write a number of essays and research papers. There are some topics that are, while interesting, a bad idea to use as your nursing essay topic. Choosing one of these topics will make your assignment much more difficult, and could even put you at odds with your professor.

Alternative Medicine

While every medical professional knows that there are some controversial treatments that are effective, it’s not a wise idea to take a stand on this topic while in nursing school. Instructors often have strong opinions for or against alternative treatments—most often against—and choosing to write about one can attract unwanted scrutiny. Keep in mind that nursing school is an educational program specifically geared to prepare you to practice mainstream medicine. While your interest in an alternative method of treatment may be justified, and you may in fact be quite knowledgeable about the topic, the place to address that is not in a standard nursing class.

Childhood Vaccinations

Childhood vaccinations are one of the most contentious topics in medicine right now. The anti-vaccination movement has drawn celebrity followers, which has compounded the issue. Whether you are considering writing for or against the current childhood vaccination schedules, it’s probably a good idea to choose another topic entirely. Many instructors are vehemently in favor of the current vaccination schedule, and any deviation from that point of view will anger them. If you decide to write in favor of the current system, you run the risk of having an instructor who is one of the few anti-vaccination medical professionals. Advocates of the anti-vaccine movement are equally, if not more, passionate about their positions as those that are in favor of the system as it stands.

Healthcare Cost

A final topic that’s simply too hot to handle as a student is health care costs. There’s no denying that it’s an important issue, and one which , as a medical professional, you should concern yourself with. However, its controversial nature makes it a poor choice for a graded essay. As with vaccinations, the opinions held on this particular debate are often very strong, and going up against your instructor is not at all recommended. Instead, share your thoughts on a public forum, or write to your representatives. Those outlets will probably accomplish more than writing about your feelings in class, too.

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