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A List of Unique Topics for a Narrative Essay

One of the most entertaining types of essays to write is the narrative essay. You get to tell a story and quit often that story is about you. You can use first and second person with a narrative essay. In addition you can have dialogue and a bit more informal language. Here are a few suggestions for narrative essay topics:

  • The Time I was Most Scared: All students have had a scary moment, be it on a roller coaster or while out trick or treating. These narratives are always interesting.
  • My Most Proud Moment: When students approach the 11th and 12th grade, they need to start thinking about college essays for admission. This topic is always a good one for that purpose, as well as in class, because it requires some self-evaluation.
  • If I Was a Bug: If you place kids in a pretend scenario that they would never be in a million years, the results are a usually very creative narrative.
  • President for the Day: This topic is just plain fun. The student can show his or her level of knowledge concerning the president as well as explore what he or she would do in the Oval Office for just one 24-hour period.
  • My Generation Can Be Defined As…: Every generation has distinguishing characteristics. Writing this essay is fun and informative.
  • The Day I Should Have Stayed in Bed: Every single person has had a bad day, if not many bad days. This topic is great of the students read it out loud. It lets the kids know that no one is perfect and everyone faces challenges. This is a great topic and eye opener.
  • My Perfect Meal: Students love to eat and seem to always be hungry. Have them write a narrative about their perfect meal, favorite restaurant, or favorite food. You can have them explain the time they most remember while eating or cooking this food.
  • The Day I Wore My Pajamas to School (you can change to his to other silly ideas) : Kids just need to be silly sometimes and this is the perfect tool for that need. Remember not all narrative essays need to be non-fiction; it is okay to let the student use their imagination.

A narrative essay can be a nice break from the hard work and time of writing formal MLA or APA essays. It is still a chance to work on writing skills and should be included in an English class curriculum.

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