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Ideas For Writing An Interesting Essay On The Topic Of Smoking

There are at least a few things one can write about in relation to smoking. Not only the health-related portion of it but the cost of keeping up with the habit. How many things can you come up with? If you are having trouble with thinking of how to turn this into an essay, you'll figure it out. There are some ideas to get that health assignment going. That is if it is a health paper. This can relate on some levels to other subjects as well such as history.

The Obvious

We already know, or at least most people know, that smoking is awful for everyone. Not just the person smoking but everyone within the area having to breathe the smoke. It's an annoying given. Most also know how addicting it is. It frequently only takes smoking one or two times to decide that one doesn't want to not smoke again. A lot of people get addicted. You wind up ignoring what it does to your appearance, as most do.

The young people who smoke in junior high (not quite as many as high school and beyond) may not know that it will stain their clothing and hair. It'll permeate the way they smell as they walk by. Most teenagers want to smell decent unless their hygiene is not the greatest. Even then, most care some. Smoking ruins that for you. Unless others you are around are smokers themselves. Then the smoke blends in together.

  • Smoking stains hair.
  • Smoking stains teeth.
  • It makes you and your clothes smell gross.

You can include these pieces of information in your essay to at least remind folks about it. It doesn't hurt to get a refresher of information. Get it sort of stuck in one's head.

Not as Obvious

Some of the health risks people can run into down the road may not be at the top of their heads. Especially younger people aren't as concerned about it. Mention these points in your paper. See how many other things you can come up with remembering the health factors that go into those who smoke, and those who are just in the same environment as someone who is smoking. Some people may not realize how young people are when smoking starts and how easy it is to get addicted. Add that to your homework assignment.

Use these helpful ideas when you are completing an essay about smoking and you will be well on your way to a great paper.

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