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How to Benefit from using Personal Reflective Essay Example

Writing a reflective personal essay can be a very difficult thing to do, because it is something that people don’t generally feel they have enough life experience to write as a high school student. What events would make for good reflections and which should be shied away from? These questions are going to haunt the young writer, but fortunately there are a boat load of examples available in the world to help people learn about the writing process. One of the best ways to pick up suggestions and to gather ideas for topics that would be appropriate for personal reflective essays is to collect all the essay samples that you can find.

Great Brainstorming Ideas

Believe it or not there are sites online that exist to provide students with various writing assignments for any number of assignments and topics. Students can find fully finished term papers and essays of all kinds. Finding a personal reflective essay is no different. Begin your search by going to Google and type in “reflective essays” and all of the sites will appear to you. Start to browse the sites and check the essays that are offered to see what the ideas they have. Collecting a group of ideas can be the most difficult part of writing a great reflective essay. These examples that you find will provide you with a lot of different ideas that can be compiled onto a brainstorming list that will aid the writing process.

Form and Function

If your problem isn’t what to write about in your reflective essay, but how to write it appropriately then you can use essay examples just as well. Collect all of the essays that you took the ideas from and then start to analyze them for the function and form. These examples can guide your writing behavior and give you an outline to write from. Even though many of the topics aren’t quite what you are looking for, the form of the essay can help in the process. There are going to be poorly written papers on these sites, so look over many before settling on a style and fanner to create your document from.

Copy and Paste

If you are really behind schedule and you have to pass your reflective essay in right away. There is a clear choice to copy someone else’s work and use it as your own. This of course is unethical and probably a poor practice because the essay could have been used before and handed into the same person. This would be a clear case of plagiarism. If this is your choice, then perhaps your reflective essay should be written about how to use your time and create your own work.

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