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Summary of A Good Man is Hard to Find

We see irony in the entire story and especially on the major character, the grandmother. This character portrays an innocent and caring person while in the real sense, she is such a deceitful figure. She claims that she wouldn’t take her children to any direction with a criminal because she wanted them to be safe from any dangers. In the long run, it is her that waves the car that they were travelling in and this ends up in death of her family members. This was after she sneaked her cat, Pitty Sing along and was trying to hide it from her son since she knew the son wouldn’t allow the cat to be brought along.

Before then, the grandmother spoke of the Misfit as a good man who comes from good people though it is well known that this is not the kind of person to be referred to as a good man, especially after killing his own father by the time he escaped from prison.

Another vivid scenario is about the Misfit and how it was preying on people in Florida. The essence here is that this major character just wanted to go to Tennessee and not Florida hence the lame excuse. The grandmother tries to get what she wants no matter the circumstance and is quite pushy when it comes to such matters. At first, she claims that the misfit is out there for destruction and hence is a fear to her children. She manipulates her children into getting their father to stop over in order for them to visit some old house. This house happens to be in the direction of Tennessee and not Florida and this just proves her intentions in the long run.

Another key irony and satire is foreshadowing. Death is foreshadowed when the major character who is the grandmother tells of how she is a lady and how her collar and cuffs are white trimmed and laced and how she has pinned a purple spray of clothes. Anyone would of course know that she is a lady even without having to explain herself. It is easy to distinguish a lady from a gentleman and it would take somebody by surprise why she tries to explain herself and yet, it is clearly known by the way of dressing after all.

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