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How To Make A Good Topic For A Persuasive Essay

Most persuasive essay topics start out as a broad subject that the student wants to cover.  They start out with this subject and starts their research, doing research will narrow down the topic of their paper.  A persuasive essay topic is sometimes a question or a statement that the writer is trying to answer with facts that support their topic.

This topic is what the essay is about and you also have to include a conflicting view of the topic.  Doing this and giving evidence for both sides will help you persuade the reader that your idea is better than the conflicting one.  You should always pick a topic that you are interested in and have some passion on the subject.  But don’t let that passion cloud your judgment on the topic of the essay.

Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Drivers should take a driver’s test every time they renew their license.  You choose either a written or an actually driving test for this topic.  You can use the argument about safety or that older drivers put the public at risk or even that younger drivers need this to keep them from developing bad driving habits.
  • Teachers should be required to pass a test every couple of years before they renew their certifications.  I’m sure you have seen on the news about kids getting in trouble because they corrected their teacher in class and were right.  Is this because the teachers have forgot what they are teaching or are they not qualified enough to teach their students?  You can research what it takes to become a teacher and what kind of training they have to go through to become and stay a teacher.
  • Should celebrities get stricter punishments for breaking the law?  You have seen it on gossip and news outlets about celebrities getting community service, fines, and probation for committing a crime but the same crime committed by a regular person, would probably face jail time for the same crime.  Are celebrities held to the same standards as other people or are they getting special treatment because of their fame?
  • Should there be a nine PM curfew for anyone under the age of eighteen in all states?  This one is a good one because you can take about the time crimes are committed at night and how this could lower them or it could be safer for kids with this curfew.  If you want to go the other way, you could argue that it should be later like eleven because kids can be responsible till that time.

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