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The Count of Monte Christo

Alexander Dumas has written the adventurous novel named as, “The Count of Monte Cristo.” The novel is about a sailor named as Edmond Dantes. The story begins at the time when Dantes bring a ship home. After his return, Monsieur Morrel, who is the owner of the vessel, is impressed by the character of Dantes and give him designation of the new captain of the Pharaon. Dangler, who is a senior officer, felt jealous of Dantes’s success and started making plans to ruin him. At Dantes’s wedding with Mercedes, guard came and arrested him. Edmond was imprisoned for fourteen years and was treated harshly for the crime he did not commit. Edmond faced number of problems during his desire for revenge kept burning. The novel states the story of Edmond.

As it happens in jail, Edmond was unable to groom himself. However, after escaping, he made up his personality like a wealthy officer. His physical appearance was wholly different from what it used to be. A priest in jail taught number of things to Dantes, which includes literature, obedience, politics, and fighting skills. After escaping, he implemented all those skills during his journey of revenge. He earned the title of Pirate by applying the skills of fighting against the famous knife wielder, Jacopo. He used his knowledge and expertise of politics and criminology against the Ville fort. Dantes become a mastermind in all fields after escaping as no one was arguing and challenging his views. Not only did Dantes changed his appearance but also, his heart. In the start, he felt hopeless. However, afterward his beliefs about God improved.

To sum up, Edmond altered his views about life and things to become the Count of Monte Cristo. He changed his learning, frame of mind, intentions and become a person very different from the standard individual of social community he once was. A typical person might question that how a polite and gentle person can change into a ruthless and hard-hearted killer. However, psychologists and sociologists are of the opinion that imprisonment can affect drastically on an individual's mind. The effects might get worse in case the person is innocent. It is what happened in the case of Edmond Dantes. He became opposite of what he was before his imprisonment. A hardworking sailor turned into a pirate and killer only due to the unjust detention that took fourteen precious years of his life.

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