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Useful Tips on How to Write a Conclusion for a High School Essay

One of the more difficult parts of a high school essay to write is the conclusion. Students have a hard time grasping the purpose of a conclusion, which is to summarize and synthesize the content of the entire paper. More often than not students will simply restate the main content of the introduction by changing the phrases up a bit. But this isn’t a very effective way of writing a great conclusion. Here are some useful tips for you to know when writing the ending of your high school essay:

Tip #1 – Summarize and synthesize ideas.

As mentioned in the introduction, most high school students don’t really understand what it means to summarize and synthesize ideas. The process basically requires you to restate the main ideas of the paper – in entirely different words – and tie them together in a way the reader understands what you have accomplished with your ideas and evidence provided.

Tip #2 – Discuss your work in a larger context.

No matter what the subject or topic, most academic work fits into a larger disciplinary context. In high school, it’s hard to imagine that one’s work will lead to more research or discussion after you’ve written the final sentence. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. All works fit within larger contexts and you can take the opportunity to explore what that context may be and describe this to the reader.

Tip #3 – Incorporate a call to action to end.

Having a call to action at the end of your high school essay is stylistic element that helps the reader remember your work well after he or she has finished reading. It’s a good idea to practice writing a few of these and choosing the one that requires the reader to think about what you have presented as well as what they can do (either in favor or against your argument) to further the academic discussion around your topic.

Tip #4 – Use clear and simple language.

Throughout your paper you should use clear and simple language to express your ideas. This may be even more important in the final paragraph when you are essentially trying to express the complexity of your full assignment in a few sentences. Complicated structures and poor word choice can detract from what should be your final opportunity to make a good impression on the reader. Stick with the most direct way of saying what you need.

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