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How to Choose a Unique Topic for your Descriptive Narrative Essay

Building a narrative essay can be difficult if you aren't sure what topic to use for your writing. The majority of students have difficulty telling a story, especially when it consists of a lot of emotions and personal situations that have never been told to an instructor, let alone, an entire classroom of students. When you are choosing a unique topic it's important that you decide on one that is meaningful to you and who you are today.

  • First, consider whether or not anything happened in your childhood that has molded you into a better person. There are many life conflicts we face that force us to transform into someone with more experience, wisdom and maturity. Using this within your essay gives you a lot of content to work with and a reliable self-reflection that your readers can relate to.
  • Is there anything that you have learned from the relationships you've built with others? We tend to learn a lot about ourselves when we form bonds with new people. Relationships cause us to react to situations and it can show us how vulnerable or defensive we are. Elaborate on what you have learned from others who have been close to you throughout your lifetime.
  • Has there ever been a period of time in which you realized the importance of a relationship that you had? This is a great way to tell a story and elaborate on the importance of loved ones that are easily taken advantage of.
  • Wisdom is a great narrative essay subject. If there is someone who has been a mentor to you and has provided you with valuable knowledge, it's easy to write about what they have contributed to your life and why you value their guidance.
  • If you have ever interacted with a complete stranger and they have had a profound impact on who you are, it can be a noteworthy theme as well.

The most important strategy to use when you are structuring the essay is ensuring that your work is under control. When you tell a story you will want to use the correct sensory details. If you include them it will make it much easier for your audience to become fully engaged. You are going to want to utilize pacing and make sure that you don't go through the writing too quickly. If you do take too long, the reader can overlook the story and skip over the lesson that you learned from this experience.

The unique topic that you choose should be an accurate portrayal of yourself. Although, it's easy to make up a story it can be apparent to your readers that it isn't true. By using a scenario that has altered your life in one way or another, you can reel the audience in and make them relate to you on an emotional level. If it's too hard for you to tell others about the experience you've had, you can make it a story about a 'different character' and tell it from a different point of view.

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