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Persuasive Essay Topics: How to Be Unique

The first and foremost thing you need to know is that a unique essay topic is not what you suppose your teacher will love. A unique essay is not the one that

  • Will please your teacher
  • Proves you a genius
  • Is brief
  • Is biased (as per your teacher’s liking)
  • Is so obvious that it becomes boring
  • Is an accepted fact already

How to be unique in your writing

Well this is tough for many students as the topic is pre-assigned to the whole class and each one of the students will be writing on the same topic. Write in a way that represents an emotional reaction to the topic. An emotional reaction means

  • a positive or negative reaction about the subject
  • that will trigger an agreement or disagreement

Grade-raising topic

This is surely an approach that will help you write unique essay and will grab the teacher’s attention. It will not only help you in getting a good grade but will hit the teacher too. As it is a psychological reaction from you so naturally the teacher will have a psychological reaction as well. This has to be a persuasive essay where you:

  • Take a clear stance
  • Give at least three strong points
  • Support each of these points with evidence

This is what we call hooking the reader in writer’s terminology. Once you have managed to hook the reader in your essay he will take more interest than usual as he can relate to it better.

Reasons for essays being boring

It is observed that 95 % of the essays are boring. This is because they are all about the same subject and moreover the students:

  • Are not bothered about the subject
  • Have no interest in writing
  • Lack the ability to innovate
  • Repeat the same facts they have come across in text books
  • Don’t like to research
  • Put off the work till end and then write in a hurry
  • Don’t proof read or edit

The secret to be unique

This is a secret technique to be unique and you might not have heard it from your teacher because

  • Apparently they are not aware of it
  • It has never been taught so they don’t know how to teach it.
  • They are teachers, not writers. They do not understand that people want to read the stuff that relates to them in an emotional, spiritual or intellectual aspect

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