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Unusual British Literature Research Paper Topics

British literature is a topic many learned in their high school years. When you get to college the course is offered yet again. Like many courses, you are required to write a number of papers in reference to the works of the time period. As you have written many papers back in high school on the topic, you may have a hard time finding a topic that interests you. If you are finding yourself in similar position then this article is for you. This article will focus its attention on some unusual British Literature research paper topics.

Topics are already hard to come by, and many of them are mundane to say the least. As you know, a paper needs to be exciting and fresh. One research topic that you can add a fresh new twist in is defining what it is to be British in the time. Not many papers are about the pop culture or new age of Britain. While the country has a vast history expanding a number of centuries, it has seen its share of transformations. All of these transformations have made the society into what it is today and this topic will help you dissect what it means to be British.

Another topic one can focus on is class distinctions. As many know there were many class distinctions during this time. There were people deemed the untouchables, the bourgeois and aristocratic society members. One can launch into a paper that not only defines the sociological divisions in British society, but its implications on the literary works that were made during the time period. Gender is another topic once could discuss with great passions. The British woman has been through many transformations like, Britain itself. A great topic that focuses on gender could discuss how women were viewed in literary works back in the day, compared to works created in the present century. You could define what it is, or was like to be a woman and expand on that. If those topics don't tickle your fancy you could always talk about ethnicity and empire. This doesn't just talk about racial or class distinctions. This focuses on different cultures integrated into the British society. Such a topic could go into British conflict, over taking foreign lands, and inequalities sustained by the people, and how it affected literary works during the time period.

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