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Good History Research Paper Topics for High School

Things to keep in mind when writing a research paper:

Always be sure to do the actual research part of the paper, without it you would not be able to have a paper. A research paper consists of an introduction paragraph, paragraphs that make up the body of the paper, a conclusion paragraph, a works cited page and maybe a few other sections depending on if they were asked for specifically.

When it comes to writing a history research paper, there are a lot of different categories in which you could choose from. These categories can include historical eras that were really major, the history of the world, regions or even countries, it could be about a war, or it could be a general question when it comes to history. Some examples of topics from these categories within history that would make a good history research paper topic for high school include the following but are not limited to:

  • The Titanic – discuss the search for the ship and Robert Ballard himself
  • All about Piracy – piracy has been along for a long time, it began in boats as a naval transport, and compare it to piracy in today’s’ times
  • The French revolution – for this paper you should talk about what the influences on the revolution were, these can involve some of the philosophers known as Locke, Rousseau, and you can discuss the enlightenment
  • The Spanish civil war – it broke out in the year 1936 and it was between Spain and the republican loyalist forces and the fascist rebels which were nationalists
  • South Korea – this paper will talk about the role in which the United States had in the creation of South Korea’s national stability and their economics
  • History of Jamaica – this history is a very violent one, as well as a bloody one, there was revolting that happened and slavery was common, there was a constant struggle between races and the economy, which had left the Jamaicans with a lot to deal with
  • What was Victorian life – during this ear, people’s lives were created for them based on what they did for a living, how much money they had and what their social network was like
  • The 19th century – this paper is more of a modern one but you should focus on what industrialism is and how it came about
  • The bronze age – this paper discusses advancements and more in the society of Ancient Egypt

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