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Argument Essay Writing Manual

An argumentative essay is just that – an essay that evokes an argument from its reader. As the old adage says, there are two sides to every argument. And with that, there must be legitimate information to validate and oppose each side. You can base an argumentative essay on anything from religion, politics, teen pregnancy, or even homosexuality. There really is no limit on what people will argue over.

The Basics

If your assignment is to write an argumentative essay, you will be responsible for providing solid information to back up the side you chose to be on in the matter. You should be ready for argument from the opposing side, and be prepared to well, argue! This type of essay is meant to convince someone on the opposing side to look at things from your point of view using facts to support why you believe you are correct.

You can’t be wishy washy with an argumentative essay. You need to stand strong on one side of the discussion, or the other. For instance, if your essay was on why we should legalize gay marriage, you may bring up things like end of life choices, equality, human rights, etc. You will want to shed a light on things like spouse benefits and how so many Americans cannot live full lives because of discrimination.

What to Include

The facts in your essay must directly relate to the theme of your essay. Exaggerating or falsifying information will not help you to prove your point of view. In fact, misleading information can have quite the opposite effect on your essay. One bad article of information can counter all the validity of your argument, and ruin your entire essay. Be sure that whatever facts you list in your writing can be proven.

You should highlight both the negative and positive aspects of your essay topic. There are pros and cons to every argument, and especially with the examples listed above. It would be pointless to write an argumentative essay if you did include facts from both sides of it. If your own personal opinions can be supported with facts and evidence, you should absolutely make it a point to include them in your essay. The entire essay should relate to the topic, so try and stay on course as much as possible and not deviate from the main focus of your paper. End your paper with a well worded and fact based conclusion.

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