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How to write the conclusion for an argumentative essay

Concluding an argumentative essay may not be as easy as you think considering important details that should be included. This portion of the essay writing process for an argumentative essay is known to be a challenging for a number of reasons. Some students have a hard time determining how to conclude their subject matter. Others may know what to mention in their conclusion, but may end up including details that may not belong. One of the best ways to help you create a solid conclusion is to understand what details should be mentioned. You should also consider logic order in how details are presented. The following points can give more insight on how to create your argumentative essay conclusion.

  • The conclusion for an argumentative essay can be written easier when you break it into smaller parts. You should review elements necessary for a complete conclusion and work on each element separately before writing your final draft.
  • The conclusion includes three parts: a summary of your argument, warning or consequence for choosing the opposing side (premise), and the thesis statement restated (reworded).
  • When you understand what information makes up each part, write your draft sentences before putting them all together to make your conclusion paragraph. Sometimes it is a matter of understand what information you need to help you present the content in logic order. You may need to rearrange your sentence structure to ensure your conclusion is clear and concise.
  • Put your sentences together and read it as a whole. If you content closes your argument thoroughly to your liking you may be finished. When you feel there is not a consistent flow with how your information is presented, revise your content and rewrite areas as needed.

Other Ways to Help You Write Your Conclusion

It has been mentioned the conclusion paragraph is just as important as the introduction paragraph, but more may struggle with the conclusion because of its requirements. You can read sample essays and example conclusion paragraphs to get a better idea of what you should produce. Students may have a problem writing their content because the present too much or too little information. The paragraph may lack details or it may not sufficiently bring the argument to a close. Don’t forget to proofread your content to ensure the message comes across concise and clear.

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