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Essay Writing Help: Editing Your Draft

Editing your draft is the final step of completing your paper and should not be overlooked. Just because you feel like you are at the end, it does not give you permission to rush to finish and turn in your essay. Take the editing process of your essay seriously in order to ensure you did not forget or miss anything. In the revision process, make sure you check for great transitions and a thorough citation of sources. If you find that all of your main points and highlights from your research are addressed, which includes supporting evidence for each point, then you will be able to move on to the next phase of the revision process. Here are some things to consider if you want to perfect the editing process, which may be able to give a whole new life to your essay.

Things to Consider

You should consider having other readers look over your essay for you. This may include your professor, a boss, other classmates, or fellow colleagues. The point of this is to get other people to find mistakes you might have otherwise overlooked. Sometimes revising your own essay will have you focused on merely one set of things to reconsider, which in the end will not help with a holistic revising process. Having other people proofread for you will ensure you are not missing any details. It will also ensure that your writing makes sense to others and that it is clear and concise. This is key, because at times your writing may seem like it makes sense to yourself, because you wrote it. But to convey the message to others clearly, that takes a separate skill set, and can only be tested by introducing your work to a test audience.

Other ideas to include in your revision process is to read your essay out loud. By reading your essay out loud, you are ensuring that it flows in an optimal manner. You can also read it backwards in order to focus more on each paragraph and test how they stand on their own. Set it aside for more than a day or two so you will come back to read it with a fresh mind and ready to look for any missing details or errors. Check off a guidelines sheet as you revise your essay. If you read your essay in the viewpoint of an audience member, this will also aid in an exercise that will succeed on keeping you objective, which is the goal of an essay writer.

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