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How to Write an Outline for an Essay without Much Effort

Writing an essay does not have to be the end of the world. There are studies that show most people do not even start their essay until the day before the essay is due. So when writing an easy essay, make sure that you allow yourself more time. Breaking an essay into smaller parts makes the bigger picture not seem so big anymore. The basics of an essay are the introductory, body and conclusion. Continue reading to learn more about what the basics contain.


Throughout the introduction, you are presenting your initial topic, the reason for writing your paper, and a thesis statement. Sometimes people find the introduction to be the easiest part of an essay while others struggle with starting their paper. If you are having a hard time with the introduction, skip it and start on the body. Some students will write their body first and go back and write the introduction and conclusion last. Either way, do not allow yourself to get stuck because that can lead to frustration and unproductivity. The introduction also sets the tone of your paper.


Some teachers refer to the body of an essay as the meat or bulk of the paper. The body generally consists of three paragraphs. While writing your thesis statement, you should have addressed generally three items to support your topic. The first item delivers your first main idea. This is usually the first sentence and the following three to five sentences support you main idea. And it continues in this same function throughout the rest of the body. The body supports your ideas and encompasses your research. You can elaborate on your findings and prove your point of view. Ensure that your essay consist of fluidity. This helps the reader go from one topic to the next with an easy read.

Below you can view the structure for the body:

  1. First main idea
  2. Second main idea
  3. Third main idea


Lastly, writing an easy essay requires that you formulate an effective conclusion. If you are writing a persuasive essay, then make sure that the reader understands your point of view. If you are writing an informative essay, make sure that your reader is fully informed of your topic and research. You also need to restate your thesis and sum up the findings of your research. Also, remember this is the last impression that your reader has before they finish your essay, so make sure you have completely stated all of your findings. Some conclusions allow you the option to grab the reader’s heartstrings if you are writing a heartfelt piece. If you are writing a professionally tone or school essay, then make sure to add a personal voice to the conclusion. If you are writing an essay while applying for college, then make sure you let the reader see a part of yourself and the conclusion and be one of the best places to apply this tone.

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