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College essay – how to select an unique topic?

A unique topic may be challenging to determine, but there are ways you can choose what to write about based on a few factors. There are times it can make writing more interesting when you can choose something different or unusual to write about it. The key is to select something that will provide a good amount of evidence to include in your writing. The following suggestions may give some ideas on what to write about or how to make your topic more interesting.

Current Events

Various writing topics have been inspired by current events. Some students have been creative in getting their topic idea to be something more interesting by connecting it to something currently in the news. No matter what field of study you are in you can find ways to connect potential writing ideas into what is going on in the world around you.

Sample Essays

Sometimes it takes looking at something that has already been written to get an idea for something new. You can review essays that have been written on topics of interest you may have. Take notes on what you could possibly do differently that has yet to be done. You may also get tips on possible resources to use if the essay mentions where data was collected from or credits sources.

Controversial Ideas

If you like to pose a good argument or want to present information that is useful or raises awareness, you may want to look at topics that are considered controversial in nature. You may want to look at an idea and see how you can write about it from a different standpoint. Maybe there is an argument or topic you have a strong stand for and want to research it in further detail.

Brainstorming on a Subject

If you have a general idea on what you may want to write about you could brainstorm to see what you come up with. This is a prime technique for breaking down potential ideas in to a solid topic. At least in doing this, it could give you something to go on when you decide to utilize resources such as the internet or book publications to determine your final topic idea.

Whatever you choose to write about it should be what you want based on personal interests. It makes the research and writing process easier on yourself.

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