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Fighting Your Emphatic Desire To Order An Essay

If you ever wanted to skip class and go have fun, or if you just wanted to not have to worry about writing an essay for your class, you may have considered purchasing an essay from a professional source. While this may seem like a great idea, at first, there are many reasons why it wouldn't be and why you should fight the urge to purchase an essay rather than just writing it yourself.

It may be wrong

The bottom line is: not every person who claims to be a professional writer is in fact a professional writer. Shocked by that? Don't be! You could be giving your money to a fraud who doesn't know what they are doing and you paper will be wrong when you turn it in. If you turn too many of those in, you will face the natural consequences.

Lowered grades

If you turn in papers that are wrong, not done in the proper format, or that the teacher discovers has been purchased, you will make a bad grade. Al that fun and partying will surely go out the window once you learn you're failing the class you thought you'd pass by hiring a professional. What's more, if the "professional" writer has plagiarized the paper and you pass it off as your own, your professor may think you plagiarized the paper. Plagiarism can result in not only poor marks, but also you being suspended or excelled from school.

Your education suffers

Many teachers don't just assign papers to assign them. They do, after all, have to read them to grade them. That can't be fun for the professor! Many of the assigned essays you receive do have a purpose- to further your knowledge of a subject. If you don't write the paper you won't learn more about the subject, which means you could miss important questions on tests and fail your class. Additionally, you won't learn to write on your own if you always have someone else do it for you. Practice makes perfect and if you want to be a decent writer, you have to actually write your essays yourself.

Fighting that urge to purchase an essay is a good thing. You have your grades, education, and reputation to consider. All of these could be ruined if you purchase a terribly written, or copied, essay form a writer online who claims to be a professional writer. IT's best to just do it yourself and be safe and not sorry.

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