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How to Write A Personal Essay for College

Here are some general tips on writing a personal essay for college. You want to follow all instructions carefully and this includes answering the questions that are asked in the instructions for the essay. For example, if you're asked to describe a time when you gave back to the community in a meaningful way, you need to give the answer in the essay. Stay away from jargon and repetitive phrases because this is a turn off for admissions officials. When writing the introduction, start with an interesting story about yourself that relates to the reason you're applying to the school's program.

Get To Know The School's Academics

If you want to win over admissions officials, you would do well to research the school and the program you're applying to in particular. For example, if you're applying to the school's English education degree program, find out the positive aspects of this program and ask yourself why the program's curriculum appeals to you and how this curriculum prepares you for a successful career in English education. If you know friends who attended the college you're applying to, ask them about what the school offers students in general.

Never Embellish Your Accomplishments

When writing the personal essay you shouldn't embellish accomplishments because it makes you appear dishonest and it will cost you an admission to the college. Instead exhibit honesty in your essay and discuss weaknesses as well as strengths. Most admissions officials can spot false information in essays.

Proofread At Least Twice

Before you mail in the college application, you should proofread the essay twice because admissions officials hate it when applicants don't take the time to go over their work for errors and inaccurate information on the school's programs. Let your guidance counselor, parents or teachers help you proofread the essay and if errors exist, revise at least a week before the due date of the application.

Your personal essay is an essential part of the college application process and you need to make sure that you are writing it in a way that reflects your maturity and in a way that is professional. If you need assistance with writing the essay, read a few books on the topic and also meet with a tutor to get a better idea of how to write the essay.

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