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Great Directions On How To Write The Best Essay About Your Family

Writing an essay about your family is something that everyone is usually asked to write at one point or another in their scholastic career. It seems like it would be relatively easy but some students have a difficult time doing it. Many people think that won’t be able to write something interesting but you can create a great essay about your family if you follow the following great directions:

  • You must decide on a topic sentence first. You need to decide what you want to write about your family. You could write about a great family tradition that you enjoy that may be different than what others do. Try to think of something unusual that makes your family different. Maybe you can talk about a traumatic event that happened to your family. Write down as many different things you can think about your family in 2 minutes. Whatever comes to your mind is something that was very important to you because it is at the top of your thoughts so it will probably be interesting to others. After you have about 5 to choose from then you need to decide which one would be the most interesting to your audience and choose one.
  • Once you have decided on a topic sentence you need to write your introduction for your essay that includes that topic sentence. Try to write something in your introduction that will entice your audience to read further. You need to create some kind of hook so they will continue reading. When you are writing try to incorporate the different members of your family in the introduction so your readers get to know you.
  • Use the body of your essay to elaborate on your topic sentence. If you are writing about a tradition, explain why it was important to you or how it changed you as a person or how it made your family closer. Use extremely descriptive words so your audience can feel like they were actually there during the event. Try to activate as many senses as you can when you are describing your event.
  • The last paragraph should be your conclusion. Here you reiterate why you felt whatever you wrote about was important for you as a family. Tell how this event defines your family and what you have learned as a result. It is your chance to brag about the great qualities of your family and your life.

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