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Best Ways To Start Your Rhetorical Analysis Essay

If you have an assignment that is based on writing a rhetorical analysis essay, it is important that you first understand what this type of paper is all about. In writing your paper, your tutor expects a thorough examination of the text in focus which shows your target readers the core of the rhetorics used within such book or journal. Some of the most important aspects you should focus on are the purpose of such book and the intended effect on the target readers. More so, you should be able to showcase how these purposes and effects were achieved. This is where the approach you take in writing your paper comes in.

Listed below are some of the best ways to start your rhetorical analysis essay. They are as follows:

  • Start With Ethos: This is one of the three major concepts of the type of paper you are writing. It is one of the means of persuasion employed by authors. This particular concept is focused on the credibility of the author of the book or journal in focus. Try to find out more about those character traits of the author that makes him or her highly reputable, considering the subject of the journal or book.
  • Start With Logos: This is another means of persuasion used by book authors. In starting with this concept, you are expected to examine the author’s use of logical reasoning in persuading his or her target readers and creating a solid argument. You should also be able to determine the validity of the logical claims or statistical data as presented by the author.
  • Start With Pathos: This is third concept which borders on the author’s use of emotional persuasion. You should be able to examine and determine if there was any use of phrases or terms that appeal to the emotions of the author’s readers.

These are some of the best ways to start your rhetorical analysis essay. Whatever you do, give adequate time and attention to your paper’s introduction. Your introduction should, among other things, contain a summary of the text in focus and other contexts that would make it easier for your target readers to digest your analysis. The biographic information of the author is among the contexts that will appeal to your target readers. With these tips, writing a rhetorical analysis paper would not be an issue anymore. Don’t hesitate to search for and get help when needed.

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