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College essay writing help: structure is very important

When writing a college essay one of the key things is ensuring that the essay has got the right structure. The structure is very important for the essay since it is what the writer will use to bring out his or her arguments. A writer might have a good title, an impressive command of vocabularies and the most logical arguments. However, if the writer does not use the correct essay structure, he or she will get very dismal grades on the paper. The structure provides not only the platform for bringing out the point that the writer has, but also the opportunity for the writer to prove that he or she understands what is expected of them. The essay has got three structure parts, all of which perform vital roles.

The Introduction

This is always the beginning of the essay that the student is writing about. It seek to provide a clear understanding to the reader of what the essay contains, what arguments the writer is trying to prove or disapprove as the case might be. A good essay introduction should outline the other parts of the essay and clarify the side of the argument the writer is on. The writer should use the essay introduction as the platform for launching his or her arguments. It is the part that captures the reader’s attention and arouses their desire to want to read more of the essay.

The body of the essay

The second part of an essay structure is the body. This is the middle part of the essay and it is here that the writer goes into detail about what he or she is writing about. It helps the writer to bring forth his or her arguments in a systematic yet convincing manner. This is because the points are put in sentences, which form paragraphs that bring out specific argument. The paragraphs are also written in a logical progression. The body aims to convince the reader beyond doubt of the writer’s point of view.


This is the third and last part of the essay. Just because it is the last part of the structure its significance should not be underplayed. It serves to give a summary of the arguments that the writer explicated in the body of the essay. This helps to ensure that the key points are emphasized and seared into the reader’s mind. It also helps to bring an end to the argument of the writer.

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